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How to Choose a Roof Color

Getting a new roof is so exciting! It’s a chance to completely revamp the look of your home. But it’s also a scary decision because you will live with your choice for a long time. Where do you start?  Here are seven things to consider before making that final decision in regards to your roof color.

  1. The climate you in which you live. The color of your shingles can affect the temperature of your attic by 20 to 40 degrees! This can make a big difference in the heating or cooling cost of your home. Light shingles deflect sunlight and help keep temperatures down in hotter climates, while dark shingles absorb heat and help homes stay warm in colder climates. Dark shingles also help snow and ice on your roof melt faster.
  1. Shingle color coordination with colors found elsewhere in the bricks, wooden siding, stone, stucco or trim on your home. For example, a dark gray or black roof will look good with a gray or blue house, while a brown, cream or tan colored house will match better with brown shingles or a mix of cream and brown. Green, red, yellow, or other colors have more flexibility and can be accented by brown, gray, or black.
  1. Your architectural style and colors of your home should be kept in mind. Dark colors make a home look smaller and light colors make a home look larger.
  1. Whether or not to “make a statement” and pick an unusual color combination with your home or if you want to be more traditional.
  1. Neighborhood considerations such as homeowner’s association and subdivision rules and covenants. It’s also nice if your roof doesn’t exactly match or clash with your nearby neighbor’s roof.
  1. The availability of colors in your area is a consideration because the color/brand you want may not be available in your area.
  1. View what the color will really look like either virtually or in real life. For example, Owens Corning has a color visualizer tool, where you can see what different color roofs might look like on a home like yours. Some roofers, JStokes Contractors, will bring shingle samples to your home for you to view the color next to your brick or siding. This makes the decision process virtually foolproof.

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